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The Amalgam Collector - Top Rated Amalgam Waste Removal Systems For Dental Offices

R & D Services is a leading provider of dental equipment to help protect the environment from the release of heavy metal contaminants.

Our major product The Amalgam Collector is designed to trap the wastewater generated in dental procedures. Heavy metal particles and other solids are separated out, and the remaining filtered water and other fluids are released into the sewer system.

The resulting benefit...The Amalgam Collector helps lower the burden of the silver, zinc, copper and bound mercury that reach our water treatment plants, so the final products of this treatment - our drinking water and our environment contain a lower percent of heavy metals.

In March of 2001, the American Dental Association released the results of recent of amalgam separators studies done at its laboratories in the ADAHF Research Institute. The work compared The Amalgam Collector's efficiency to the efficiency of two previously tested & significantly more costly separators. The Amalgam Collector was shown to be 99.9% efficient at removing the amalgam particles used in the international standards test, the ISO 11143-1999. This result greatly surpasses the 95% efficiency requirement for ISO certification. Additionally, our amalgam separators meet the ANSI/ADA additional requirements. The Amalgam Collector tested consistently better than (and in some instances significantly so) the more expensive counterparts.

Rated #1 In ADA Research Study
(Abstract 633, Journal of Dental Research, 2001, 80)

All Models ISO 11143 Certified And Meet Additional ANSI/ADA Requirements

No Monthly Fees

No Hidden Costs

No Special Chemicals

No Major Investments

Buy Direct or From Your Local Distributor

Designed and produced by Dentists for Dentists...
Purposely designed to have no on-going expenses...
The intelligent solution for your compliance needs...

Thank You For Helping Keep Our Environment Clean!

Custom installations since 1995 ~ Self installation option ~ Easy weekly maintenance
Large sludge capacity (up to 4 times more) ~ 99.96% efficient (ADA Research)
Sizes to service 1 to 12 operatories or more ~ Prices start at $625

The Amalgam Collector™
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President: Ross M. Fraker, DDS, PhD

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